Krishna was a Yadava and the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. His death ultimately led to the anchoring of the thread.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva.

Jarasandha foresaw that Krishna would be killed by a lone archer's arrow while driving a chariot in battle, and his death would case the end of the Dvapara Yuga. This had already happened in multiple other versions of reality, where Krishna was Thor, Heracles, and Osebo. Determined to stop Krishna's death on the battlefield, Jarasandha prophesied that Krishna's uncle, Kamsa, would be killed by Devaki's eighth child. Kamsa was therefore intent on murdering Devaki's children, but Vasudeva magically moved Krishna to the womb of his other wife. After Krishna was born, he was raised by Nanda and Yashoda in Brindavan.

In Brindavan, Krishna survived several more assassination attempts sent by Jarasandha, including an attack from two giant snakes and a disguised demonness. Rumours about his childhood described his affairs with many milkmaids. Once he was grown, he killed Kamsa and became the new ruler of Mathura, reinstating the old ruling council.

Throughout Krishna's life, he followed instructions that appeared in his head from an unknown source. He preserved Draupadi's honour, indebting her to him; he became advisor to the Pandavas, architecting Yudhisthira's claim to the throne of Hastinapura; and he donated his army to the Pandavas but chose to drive Arjuna's chariot himself. Jarasandha's penultimate attempt to preemptively kill Krishna was an attack on Mathura itself, but the Pandavas helped Krishna relocate his kingdom to the untouchable island of Dwaraka.

On the day of the Shiva Mahapooja, Krishna, Bhima, and Arjuna disguised themselves as Brahmins and travelled into Jarasandha's court in Magadha. There, they requested he choose one of them to fight to the death. He warily accepted, picking Bhima as his challenger, before they revealed themselves. The subsequent fight lasted twenty-seven days, with Krishna surreptitiously advising Bhima from the sidelines. Finally, he devised the correct strategy to defeat Jarasandha, and Bhima killed him.

Due to Jarasandha's final plan, his death modified the timeline so Krishna's battlefield death would only happen in a small bubble universe. In the main universe, Krishna survived the Kurukshetra war and returned to Dwaraka. However, this was noticed by Krishna's divine beneficieries, who reinserted the archer into the timeline as a hunter in Dwaraka. The hunter shot Krishna in the heel with an arrow, and Krishna detonated, becoming the new universe. (PROSE: Dharmayuddha)

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