Krigge was an aggressive German sailor who worked with Captain Otto Lehmann during World War II.

Krigge had a colourful past. He had been involved in crime due to his bad temper and his lust for war and revenge against those who crossed him. When the Tenth Doctor and Heather arrived on the U-boat that Krigge was working on, he took an instant dislike to the Doctor because he wanted to break the peace. He turned a gun on the Doctor and Heather, but was stopped by Captain Lehmann. The Doctor jumped in to save the crew and Krigge when the U-boat came under attack. Krigge was angry as the Doctor began to take his place in the crew and tried to sabotage his work, nearly causing the death of his fellow crewmates. After this, Krigge was angered when Lehmann allowed the Doctor and Heather to leave in the TARDIS. (COMIC: The Submariners)