The Krib was "the biggest bank in the universe". Its manager was Kingfish.

It was located millions of light-years from the planet Loam. The Krib purchased a race called the High Goliax from an auction on Yam-Salam, along with an organic computer known as the speculator. The speculator was made up of the minds which had been separated from the the High Goliax for centuries, while the mindless High Goliax were piloted by children to clear planets that defaulted on their debt to the Krib, protected from physical and psychological harm by translating what the High Goliax saw into childish games. Loam belonged to the Krib when Loam's former leader Sugarpea failed to pay off a massive debt. The Krib sent High Goliax to clear the planet for redevelopment.

Sugarpea overthrew the current Prime Minister in a coup, making the debt hers as part of a loophole. She showed Kingfish the proof of this, and arranged her execution by her coal-fired diplomat Brassneck to pay the debt off. The Tenth Doctor also released the minds from the speculator computer and allowed them to reattach inside the High Goliax heads. (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World)

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