Kraz was a surgeon on Kirith, and Tanyel's lover. He had assisted the Panjistri in breeding the Homunculus. The Panjistri later subjected him to genetic experiments which badly mutilated him. He escaped to the Darkfell, along with other Kirithons who had undergone similar experiences and called themselves the Unlike.

After Ace fled the Panjistri laboratory to the Darkfell, she tripped and twisted her ankle, but Kraz helped bind her injury. Later, he and Arun accompanied Ace back to the Harbours in time to see Raphael and Miríl free themselves. Together, they returned to the seminary and he was reunited with Tanyel, who was convinced of the truth when her memories of him returned. He was forced to flee back to the Darkfell with Tanyel when the Panjistri put down the uprising. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)

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