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The Kraken was a rogue timeship with an exterior shaped like a giant squid. Homeworld officials identified the Kraken as Familiar #09. She was known as Cousin Cecilia after she joined Faction Paradox.

Individuals entered the Kraken through her beak. Her interior was just as organic-looking as her exterior, with James Coker perceiving the control room as "a cathedral of flesh". The room was 100 feet high, with sinew arches supporting a "glistening ceiling of puce musculature". At the centre of the Kraken's control room there was a Spanish galleon; her console was merged with the ship's steering wheel. The Kraken's corridors resembled boney pipes.

The Kraken was originally the Hussar's timeship. The two only travelled through areas of space-time where interference in history was of no consequence to the War in Heaven, picking up companions such as "Jane" and Anne Bonny.

While they were with Anne Bonny, Christèmas approached the Kraken and the Hussar asking for help in acquiring the 2nd Second from the Chance Coteries. They agreed. The Kraken maneuvred through the Chance Coteries' temporal shield and materialised in the axiomatic vault, where - on Chris' suggestion - she murdered the Hussar. The Kraken then time looped the vault, creating an environment where the Hussar's corpse could be used to create a loa. After the loa was created by the intersection of the timelines of Anne Bonny, Chantelle, and Sojourner Hooper-Agogô, the Kraken scooped it up in her tentacles and took it away from the Coteries along the same path she had taken to get in, passing her past self along the way.

The Kraken joined the Bankside division of Faction Paradox and took on the name "Cecilia". For her work in acquiring the loa, Cecilia was promoted to be a cousin. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

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