The Krafayis stranded in 19th century France was left behind by its pack.

At some time before 1890, a pack of Krafayis came to Earth, fed and left. One blind Krafayis was left behind in France, where it attacked several people. It was seen by Vincent van Gogh and painted into The Church at Auvers.

When the painting was seen by the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, they travelled back to before it was painted to investigate. During the visit, they saw the remains of one of its victims and were later attacked by the Krafayis itself. The Doctor was eventually able to identify it and planned to confront it in the church, stunning it with his sonic screwdriver. This attempt failed, and the Doctor, Amy and Vincent were forced to hide. The Krafayis followed them and attacked, forcing Vincent to fight back and accidentally kill it. The Doctor caressed and comforted it as it slowly died.

After this, the timeline was changed and the Krafayis was never painted into The Church at Auvers. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

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