Ambassador Jarith Kothar was a representative of the Draconian Empire who arrived on the Braxiatel Collection on the pretext of arranging peace with the Mim. Once on the Collection he presented a gauntlet to Bev Tarrant, which she later discovered she could not remove. Kothar announced his intention to get the courts to announce that the Mim were 'non sentient' and therefore their war against the species was perfectly legitimate.

Bernice Summerfield discovered this intention was a ruse whilst his gift worked on Bev Tarrant, making her hallucinate and remember a past liaison with Ethan, a man she left to die when he betrayed her. Kothar was Ethan's blood brother and he presented the Judas Gift to make her confess. Under Draconian law her shame meant her lands were forfeit and her people indentured; he authorised the Draconian occupation of the Collection. Bev Tarrant escaped, and faked her own death so Kothar would stop pursuing her. However, she later asked how Kothar could have learnt about Ethan's death unless someone told him. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift)

Kothar remained on the Collection, overseeing the occupation and attempting to control casualties. He arrested Adrian Wall after the Killoran's violent reaction to Bev's disappearance. He became concerned about the disappearance of Bernice Summerfield, and interviewed Irving Braxiatel, Jason Kane and Doggles in his pursuit of her. At some point he was poisoned with a hallucinogenic virus and began hallucinating that Bernice was following him around.

After supplying Jason Kane with evidence of Braxiatel's time manipulation, gained from sweet-talking Doggles, he found Bernice Summerfield teaching his soldiers heretical thoughts. He arrested her for ideological pollution, although he eventually authorised her release with the sudden destruction of the Mimsphere at the end of the war. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information)

After overseeing a transition to a local government in the Collection, Kothar returned to Draconia. He was later involved with Bernice again when a dispute began over the dispossessed Mim children, the Borogoves. (PROSE: Nobody's Children)

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