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The Korven Fallen Angel was a Korven ship which crashed in the frozen wastes of Canada in 2050. The Department converted it into a facility to salvage the technology, such as the Space-Time Manipulator, which was taken piece by piece to the Gryffen Manor in London, apart from the temporal stabiliser. (TV: Regeneration, Angel of the North)

History Edit

Korven Cyropods

The Korven pods. (TV: Angel of the North)

The British government was secretly controlled by Korven from the year 50,000 and the STM was vital to the planned Korven invasion. One Korven in the ship was let out of its cyrogenic pod, or so Thorne thought. In actuality they all escaped, with over a hundred in one part of the ship. The situation was unstable and the site was not under Department control. The ship seemed to create earthquake-like distortions affecting K9 Mark 2.

Alistair Gryffen learned about the disturbances at the Fallen Angel when K9 experienced a distortion and told him where it came from. K9, Starkey and Gryffen visited the crash site in an attempt to recover the temporal stabiliser. (TV: Angel of the North)

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