A Korven time-travelled from the year 2618 to 2050 and kidnapped Professor Alistair Gryffen to learn about a cooling device.

The Korven was sent to find the scientists who created a device to cool the Earth so the Korven could use it conquer the planet. He arrived in Gryffen Manor through the Space-Time Manipulator and snatched Gryffen from the house. Gryffen, an agoraphobe, was terrified.

The Korven brought him to an abandoned iceworks to leech his knowledge. Darius Pike realised Gryffen was gone and contacted Jorjie Turner, who arrived at the mansion with Starkey and K9 Mark 2. They were contacted by a human soldier from the future, who warned them of the Korven plot. They went to the icework, following the trail of phosphane gas the Korven used to keep cool. It also made K9 malfunction, incapacitating him while the Korven kidnapped Starkey.

Darius and Jorjie caught up and saw the Korven preparing to leech Gryffen. Darius, angry, smashed the Korven's phosphane tank. K9 shot him in the leg, then malfunctioned and didn't understand Starkey's orders. However, when Starkey shouted "baked beans", K9 cooked the Korven, killing it. (TV: The Korven)

Though likely unknown to this Korven, the United Kingdom of 2050 was controlled by the Department, a plot by Lomax, a Korven from even further in the future, 50,000, to prepare the way for a Korven invasion of Earth. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

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