The Korven were a species of cold-loving, ogre-like humanoids.


The Korven were green-skinned humanoids with large, wing-like ears, two horns on their heads and four horns on their chin. They were adapted to cold temperatures. The colour of their eyes seemed to change continually. They were usually dark grey, but could change to light grey or red. Each eye could be a different colour. (TV: The Korven, The Eclipse of the Korven)


The Korven who came to 2050 from 2618 had wrist-mounted devices capable of draining minds. Using a process called Leeching, it could extract the thoughts of an individual, leaving only an empty shell. During this process the Korven focused all their will on the victim, leaving them oblivious to outside forces. The wrist device also could stop people from speaking for ten minutes and shoot energy beams. The Korven could create immobilising force fields, as well as causing levitation. It also brought a supply of phosphane gas. (TV: The Korven)

The Korven used ships which were crewed by more than a hundred Korven, containing cryogenic pods and a Space-Time Manipulator. (TV: Angel of the North) The Korven homeworld was an unspecified ice giant, similar to Uranus or Neptune but with a much thicker atmosphere. The Korven need extreme cold and highly compressed air to survive.


The Korven had ambitions to rule time and space. Their plans involved invading planets in the past that they failed to conquer in their own time. The Korven were ruled by a Supreme Leader who also commanded their pan-dimensional army. Lomax was a Korven Supreme Leader.


Before 2050 a Korven spacecraft carrying a Space-Time Manipulator crashed in the frozen wastes of Canada. The Manipulator was later captured by The Department. (TV: Angel of the North)

In the year 2480, the Korven attacked Earth, but were unable to conquer it. Hostilities between humanity and the Korven continued to at least the year 2618.

In 2618, the Korven learned that a cooling agent capable of lowering the Earth's tempurature would be invented in 2050. One of their agents travelled back to that time, using the aforementioned Space-Time Manipulator. It kidnapped Alistair Gryffen, planning to leech the recipe from his brainwaves. Luckily K9 and the youngsters tracked it down, with K9 succeeding in incinerating the monster. (TV: The Korven)

Before the year 50,000, the Korven helped the Merons to win their ancient war with the Jixen by supplying them with revolutionary energy weapons. (TV: Hound of the Korven) Four Jixen later hired a bounty hunter to assassinate Zanthus Pia. (TV: The Bounty Hunter) The Jixen fought the Hound of the Korven, K9 Mark I who witnessed the murder. They were then sent to 2050 London where K9 killed three of the Jixen and regenerated into a new form, forgetting his affiliation with the Korven in the process. (TV: Regeneration)

The Korven plotted to conquer Earth in the mid-21st century. Before 2048, (TV: The Last Precinct) the Korven Supreme Leader hijacked the British government and turned it into a corrupt, totalitarian government in preparation for the pending Korven invasion. By this time, government agencies MI5 and MI6 seem to have merged together to form The Department (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven) which also operated in the Americas, the Pacific Union and other, lesser countries, all of them controlled by the British government. (TV: Lost Library of Ukko) Lomax was aided by Thorne, the governor of the Department's Dauntless Prison. Lomax had Thorne implanted with Meron DNA, effectively turning him into one. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven) In Dauntless Prison, Meron scientists secretly took DNA from alien prisoners to create Trojan. (TV: Liberation) When the Department's head of security, Inspector Drake, accidentally almost destroyed Earth, Lomax had him replaced by Thorne. (TV: Black Hunger) Lomax later ordered Thorne to acquire the regeneration unit of K9 Mark 2, the regenerated form of their former agent. (TV: Robot Gladiators)

Thorne overheard Gryffen tell June that with a Virtual Reality encasement suit, he could travel to the fallen angel in Canada where the STM came from, get the temporal stabiliser, and operate the STM properly. Thorne told Lomax, who ordered him to help Gryffen. Thorne and Gryffen went to Canada, There Gryffen found the temporal stabiliser. He also spotted empty cyrogenic pods, Thorne (initially thinking only one Korven was released) was shocked to find they were all empty. Thorne had Gryffen taken away when he demanded to know what was in the pods and ordered the CCPC's to scour the tunnels. K9 and Starkey arrived at the crashed ship, where they alerted Gryffen that the Korven were about. Gryffen realised that the ship and the STM was Korven technology. When Thorne and the CCPCs left, Gryffen, K9 and Starkey was able to recapture the stabiliser (which Gryffen dropped). K9 and Starkey left with the stabiliser while Gryffen tried to escape from the CCPCs. He evaded a Korven and left the ship. When the CCPCs arrived, the Korven chased them. Gryffen, Starkey and K9 returned to Gryffen Manor. Gryffen and K9 agreed not to use the stabiliser on the STM lest it allow the Korven to enter. (TV: Angel of the North)

Thorne tricked into giving him the regeneration unit by conducting a trade in the sewers with a false memory chip which turned K9 into a bomb set to detonate when he encountered a surviving Jixen in the sewers. However K9 stopped himself from self-destructing. The Jixen, named "Jixey" by Starkey, revealed that they were not the aggressors and warned them the Korven had infiltrated the Department. Thorne inserted the regeneration unit in his pet, the completed Trojan to make him indestructible. (TV: Hound of the Korven)

Some time later, the STM activated and brought together a black hole and a white hole. K9 flew off to retrieve his regeneration unit from Thorne at the Millennium Dome with Starkey and Jorjie following. Meanwhile, Gryffen tried to avert the space-time explosion that would occur when the two holes fused together to form a grey hole. K9 was beaten by Trojan. He was wired up to a Korven cryo pod and forced to siphon the space-time energy from the preemptive explosion of the STM into the Dome. This generated a portal that allowed the Korven pan-dimensional invasion force to make their entry, led by Lomax. Thorne ordered the CCPCs to secure London, restraining all civilians. Starkey and Jorjie caught up with K9 in time to see the Korven arrive and learned that Thorne was a Meron/Korven hybrid. As Darius and June made their way to the mansion, Gryffen tried to use the temporal stabiliser to shut down the STM but only made things worse. Thorne had expected this and wanted it to happen all along, but Gryffen managed to overcome his agoraphobia and make it to The Dome, screaming out the voice activated shutdown code for The STM, causing the black and white holes to fuse. Lomax and the Korven were sucked into the cataclysm and destroyed as the STM exploded. Thorne tried to use Trojan to kill K9 but the extremely weakened K9 promptly used a recording of a Jixen sonar attack to cause Trojan's Jixen and Meron DNA to fight one another, sending it toppling over and crushing Thorne. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Behind the scenes[]

  • So far, every Korven that has appeared has been played by Matthew Reimer, although he only acted as Lomax's body.