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You may be looking for the feature from The Dalek World or the short story.

Know Your Enemy was a series of informational "fact files" about various enemies encountered by the Doctor. The series originated as part of the UNIT Hotline feature in early issues of Doctor Who Weekly (later Doctor Who Monthly and Doctor Who Magazine) from issue 26 through issue 47. It then returned for the celebratory issue 350.

In the 21st century, the feature was continued in a handful of revival Doctor Who annuals. Doctor Who The Official Annual 2016 renamed the series Black Archive, though the content remained the same. The original name returned in the 2021 annual.

Publication Feature Featured enemy
DWM 26 Know Your Enemy No.1 Dalek Dalek
DWM 27 Know Your Enemy No.2 Ice Warrior Ice Warrior
DWM 28 Know Your Enemy Sontaran Sontaran
DWM 29 Know Your Enemy No.3 Voord Voord
DWM 30 Know Your Enemy No.4 Robot K~1 K1
DWM 31 Know Your Enemy No.5 The Fish People Fish people
DWM 32 Know Your Enemy No.6 Robots of Death Robots of Death
DWM 33 Know Your Enemy No.7 The Cybermen The Cybermen
DWM 34 Know Your Enemy No.8 The Spiders The Spiders
DWM 35 Know Your Enemy No.9 The Silurians The Silurians
DWM 36 Know Your Enemy No.10 The Ogrons The Ogrons
DWM 37 Know Your Enemy No.11 Eldrad Eldrad
DWM 38 Know Your Enemy No.12 The Axons The Axons
DWM 39 Know Your Enemy No.13 The War Machine The War Machine
DWM 40 Know Your Enemy No.14 Autons Autons
DWM 41 Know Your Enemy No.15 Krynoids Krynoids
DWM 42 Know Your Enemy No.15 Movellans Movellans
DWM 43 Know Your Enemy No.16 The Master The Master
DWM 44 Know Your Enemy No.17 The Nimon The Nimon
DWM 45 Know Your Enemy No.18 The Mandrels The Mandrels
DWM 46 Know Your Enemy 19 Primords Primords
DWM 47 Know Your Enemy The Guardian The Guardian
DWM 350 Know Your Enemy No.21 The Myrka The Myrka
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2007 Know Your Enemy Cassandra, Krillitane, Ood, Slitheen, Daleks, Cybermen
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2008 Know Your Enemy Carrionites, Weeping Angels, Family of Blood, Slitheen, Judoon, Dalek Sec, Racnoss
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2009 Know Your Enemy Max Capricorn, Sontarans, Hath, Adipose, Pyroviles, Vespiform, Davros
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2011 Know Your Enemy Smilers, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Silurians, Vampires, Dream Lord
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2016 Black Archive Daleks, Foretold, Boneless, Cybermen, Dream crabs, Weeping Angels
Doctor Who The Official Annual 2021 Know Your Enemy Kasaavin, Dregs, Skithra, Reconnaissance Dalek, Judoon, Praxeus, Chagaska, Ashad, CyberMasters