Kiy Uvanov was commander of the sandminer Storm Mine 4 and was known for bringing in very lucrative minerals.


Uvanov's position was usurped when Taren Capel, using the pseudonym "Dask," attempted a robot revolution on board the Storm Mine. Of the crew, only he, Ander Poul and Lish Toos survived. Following these events, Storm Mine 4 was left to sink into the desert. (TV: The Robots of Death, PROSE: Corpse Marker)

By 2889, Uvanov became a Kaldor City Company First Master Chairholder. (AUDIO: Occam's Razor)

Uvanov was not a member of the Founding Families, as his family were among the last to arrive on Kaldor. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Robots of Death)

Layly Landerchild believed that only people from the Founding Families, such as himself, should be allowed to attain the position of Company Chairholder. There were other Founding Family members to whom Uvanov's class caused concern. (PROSE: Skulduggery)