Kit Laver was a human from Kaldor.

Biography Edit

Kit belonged to a Founding Family who were able to get him a job wherever he wanted, but he always gave up. He trained with Liv Chenka and was part of a group of friends that included her and Bas Pellico, both of whom were assigned to the Lorelei. He quit training before he qualified.

Unaware that doing so would cause mass deaths, Kit had the Sandminer robots all restored to their factory settings so that he and some friends might rob a jeweller's and "show the Company". This reverted them to their status during the purification of the sand rats from the complex.

Some years after last seeing Liv, Kit detected her on the Kaldor Bionetwork and visited her at a restaurant with Helen Sinclair and bought them both a drink. Shortly after Helen made excuses to get away from him, the robots attacked due to Kit's reset, purifying all life signs.

Liv and Helen soon became aware of Kit's role. He attempted to fix his wrongdoings and was killed by a robot. (AUDIO: Escape from Kaldor)

Personality Edit

Liv described Kit as being "a bit of an idiot" and unable to see past his own privilege. Ultimately, he died in an attempt to stop the robots' purification of Kaldor City. (AUDIO: Escape from Kaldor)

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