Kirsty McLaren McCrimmon was the daughter of Colin McLaren and the sister of Alexander McLaren.

Kirsty's family and Jamie McCrimmon fled the Battle of Culloden together on 16 April 1746 and took refuge in an abandoned cottage. She was not arrested by Lt. Algernon Ffinch as she was out getting water at the time. She and Polly Wright worked together to force Ffinch to help rescue their friends, reunite with the Second Doctor and rescue Grey's prisoners. With her father, she and the other former prisoners left on the Annabelle for France. (TV: The Highlanders)

She later returned to Scotland and married Jamie. They had at least eight children and numerous grandchildren by 1788. (AUDIO: The Glorious Revolution)

One of their distant descendants was a 21st century history student at the University of Edinburgh named Heather McCrimmon, who became a companion of the Tenth Doctor. (COMIC: The Chromosome Connection)

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