The Kirithons were a genetically-engineered humanoid race inhabiting Kirith. They were created by the Panjistri as part of their plan to create the God Machine. The Kirithons were physically perfect, highly attractive to humanoids and possessed two hearts.

The Panjistri told the Kirithons that they had once been a primitive species until they came to their planet and shared their knowledge and technology with them, including a free supply of a food known as zavát. In exchange, the wisest and most talented Kirithons were taken to Kandasi, ostensibly to join the "Brotherhood of Kandasi", the greatest honour which could ever be granted to them, but were in fact absorbed into the God Machine. Others were subjected to lethal genetic experiments, although some of them escaped, badly mutilated, and called themselves the Unlike. After Kandasi was destroyed, the Panjistri and the Kirithons were forced to live together. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)

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