Kiria City was the capital city of the planet Urbinia.

Boasting a vast intellectual community, Kiria was a seat of learning throughout the whole Third Galaxy, dedicated to all schools in the fields of science, politics, philosophy and culture.

The Council met in the Council Chambers, where the Chancellor presided. The city had one spaceport, a university and public gardens.

Alternate timeline Edit

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Doctor, Steven, Katarina

The Doctor, Steven and Katarina during their three months in Kiria City. (AUDIO: Daughter of the Gods)

In an alternate timeline in which a temporal collision caused him to arrive on Urbinia instead of Kembel, the First Doctor spent three months in Kiria, mingling with the elite while renting an apartment and delivering lectures at the university. Steven Taylor found work at the spaceport and Katarina continued her education.

However, the Daleks eventually attacked, armed with an operational Time Destructor. When the Doctor organised an evacuation, the Dalek Fleet bombarded the city to deter the mass population movement. Looting took place in the abandoned streets whilst many civilians took their chances outside the city.

Kiria remained the only area not to have surrendered when the Dalek ground forces advanced into the city. By the time they surrounded the spaceport, the Dalek Supreme had run out of patience and ordered the Time Destructor to destroy the planet.

The Second Doctor prevented this timeline from coming to pass after escaping the city and travelling back to avert the initial TARDIS collision. (AUDIO: Daughter of the Gods)

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