Kira Arlo was in the packing department of the Kerb!am shipping corporation. The only time she had received a Kerb!am package was from Judy Maddox, Head of People at the corporation.

She had a blatant crush on fellow employee Charlie Duffy, but was too nervous to tell him. She met the Thirteenth Doctor and Ryan Sinclair when they went undercover at Kerb!am, showing them where the parcel slips were kept. Later, she was escorted away by the TeamMates and given a parcel. Unbeknownst to Kira, the parcels contained deadly bubble wrap that exploded upon being opened that had been created by Charlie as part of his plan to kill many Kerb!am customers; all in response to his fear that automation would eventually deprive people of work.

Charlie, Ryan and Yasmin Khan tried to save her, but they were too late and Kira was killed when she popped the bubble wrap. Kira's death devastated Charlie greatly. Charlie's attempts to save Kira revealed that he was the culprit behind the missing workers. The Doctor determined that the Kerb!am AI had killed Kira in an attempt to show Charlie what other people would go through in order to get him to stop. She also realised that in all of his planning, Charlie never expected to fall in love. However, despite being left feeling desolate by her death, Charlie refused to relent. (TV: Kerblam!)

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