Kipe was the son of Kingfish. He piloted a High Goliax for fun to clear planets for development, and saw what the High Goliax saw translated as a childish game called the Mumbo-Game. The Tenth Doctor tried deactivating his game after Kipe ejected the Doctor's companion Martha Jones from the head, but Kipe called his father, who took the Doctor back through a space portal to the Krib bank. Later, confusing his father pursuing a High Goliax mind for the game's "scappered howw", Kipe had the High Goliax stamp on Kingfish to score points in his game. Shortly afterwards, Mandrake evacuated Kipe from the High Goliax head as the High Goliax's mind reattached itself to its head. (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World)

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