The Kings of Space were two "God units" located on a planet in the centre of sphinx-space. Each of the Kings of Space covered an entire hemisphere of the planet, and they were the mother and father of all sphinxes. According to Professor Begarius, one of the Kings was "as dark as a black hole," and the other was "as bright as a supernova."

With their large sizes, the Kings of Space could create whole worlds with little effort. Unlike some other Gods, they were uninterested in the universe outside of sphinx-space; however, after the Evil Renegade stole a bottle universe from them, the Kings of Space sent their sphinxes to Simia KK98 to collect it from the Great Houses fortress there. They allowed the Houses to keep the bottle in exchange for knowledge about time.

Christine Summerfield speculated in Dead Romance that, since the sphinxes were like computers or computer programs, the Kings of Space were the central databank. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

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