You may be looking for the Sleeze Brother, Deadbeat.

Kingpin was one of the founding members of the Psychic Circus. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

Before the Circus was founded, he travelled around the galaxy with his partner, Juniper Berry, exhibiting himself as a musician and a juggler. On Zamyatin, when those activites were forbidden, he and Juniper were imprisoned and forced to undergo re-education, but they escaped when the Master contacted them and led them to join the local resistance. A few hours later, a psychic storm relieved Zamyatin of its oppressive regime, and Kingpin, albeit unwillingly, became the new leader of the former resistants.

Still inspired by the Master, Kingpin founded the Circus and led them throughout the galaxy, until they arrived on Segonax, when the Master persuaded them to stay. In the following months, Kingpin lost control of the Circus to the Chief Clown, the new servant chosen by the Master and his allies, the Gods of Ragnarok, and fell into a spiral of depression. When Morgana told him that she saw the Doctor in her crystal ball and he would destroy the Circus, Kingpin thought he could help and sent an advertisement robot to find him and asks for his help.

The Doctor replied to his request and came to the Circus, when he confronted the Master and also contacted Kingpin, telling him that Juniper Berry had been killed by the Chief Clown when she was trying to leave the Circus. The Doctor gave Kingpin a talisman with an eye on him, the same one the Master used to contact him and control him, and instructed Kingpin to go into the depths of the Circus and broke it. Kingpin did so, and managed to break the Master and the Gods' influence on the Circus, but was driven mad by his effort. He remained at the Circus after that, and his former colleagues gave him the new nickname "Deadbeat". (AUDIO: The Psychic Circus)

Kingpin was still here when the Doctor, in an earlier point in his timeline, came to the Circus with Ace; by then, the Circus was once again under the control of the Gods of Ragnarok. His mind was healed when he and Ace were able to get the missing part of the medallion and rebuild it in order to defeat of the Gods of Ragnarok. After the Doctor defeated the Gods, he determined to re-start the Psychic Circus with his new friend Mags. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

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