Kingfish was the manager of the Krib bank.

As a child, he piloted a High Goliax for fun to clear planets for development, and saw what the High Goliax saw translated as a childish game called the Mumbo-Game. He was responsible for the "planet clearance" of the planet Loam when the former prime minister Sugarpea failed to pay off her debts. The Tenth Doctor freed the minds enslaved as organic processors inside the Krib's speculator computer. Sugarpea terminated her debt to the Krib by becoming dictator of Loam, and nullifying the death by facing the death penalty. Kingfish chased the minds to Loam while trying to return them to the Krib. He was stepped on by a High Goliax piloted by his son Kipe, who thought Kingfish was a "scappered howw" from the game. (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World)

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