King Lear

King Lear was a play by William Shakespeare. Its characters included Cordelia, a princess who led an army after her father went insane. (AUDIO: The Gift)

The First Doctor witnessed its debut performance and later reflected that Richard Burbage was a good actor, but "rubbish at portraying old men crushed by the delicious uncertainties of life".

When he was woken by James asking, "Now good sir, what are you?", the Doctor noted the irony and quoted the play, saying: "A poor man made tame to fortune's blows". (PROSE: Byzantium!)

While attending Coal Hill School, Susan Foreman read out loud in class the part of Cordelia in King Lear. She told the teacher, Miss Ireland, that the play was nothing like what had really happened. (AUDIO: All Hands on Deck)

The Doctor once took Sarah Jane Smith to the Lyceum Theatre to see Henry Irving's production of King Lear. They were kicked out after the Doctor dropped his choc-ice on one of the Earls. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine)

One 1906 version of the production in San Francisco was directed by Charles Virgil McLean. (AUDIO: The Gift)

Arthur wanted to use a quote from King Lear as his dying words. (PROSE: The Death of Me)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The 2008 film adaptation, broadcast on Channel 4, starred Ian McKellen in the role of King Lear. Others in the cast were Sylvester McCoy, William Gaunt, Frances Barber, David Weston, John Heffernan, Julian Harries, Kieran Bew, Peter Hinton and Ben Addis.

Paul Wheeler was the cinematographer for the film. It was filmed at Pinewood Studios.

The 2017 audio adaptation, released by Big Finish Productions, starred David Warner in the role of King Lear. Others in the cast were Louise Jameson, Lisa Bowerman, Finty Williams, Trevor Cooper, Raymond Coulthard, Barnaby Edwards, Ray Fearon, Mike Grady, Gwilym Lee, Tony Millan, Nicholas Pegg, and Paul Shelley.

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