King Kong was a film from the planet Earth. It was the subject of a question at the Black Swan pub quiz in Cheldon Bonniface in April 2010. Punters were asked what the sequel was to the film, which puzzled most of those present: neither the Isley Brothers nor the Seventh Doctor were aware of a sequel, and Jason Kane could only guess Mighty Joe Young. (PROSE: Happy Endings)

In 1933, the First Doctor and the Major watched King Kong at the Keelmouth Odeon and thoroughly enjoyed it. (PROSE: Bide-a-Wee)

The Tenth Doctor liked the film and claimed he was present at the real-life events that inspired the film, saying the film was closer to fact than is assumed. (COMIC: Echo)

King Kong Escapes was a 1967 film. It featured a character named Dr Who. (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

At Number 10, Crysal commented that the American envoy was surrounded by "King Kong sized bodyguards". (AUDIO: The Ultimate Adventure)

Behind the scenes Edit

In fact, Mighty Joe Young was a semi-remake of King Kong, and the correct real world answer, not mentioned in Happy Endings at all, is Son of Kong — or King Kong Lives at a stretch.

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