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The King Dalek resided inside the control centre during the "War of the Daleks".


After a group of human fighters managed to get to the Daleks' control centre and destroy it, some accounts suggested that the uncovered King Dalek proved close enough to one of the humanoid enemies to exterminate him. (NOTVALID: War of the Daleks)

Physical appearance[]

The King Dalek had a casing of standard shape, characterised by blue hemispheres on the base unit and a bright red dome. His eyestalk was white with a visible pupil, and his luminosity dischargers were larger than those of normal drone; one was red and one was blue. (NOTVALID: War of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes[]

The King Dalek as seen on the action card, featuring the unique luminosity dischargers. (GAME: War of the Daleks)

  • The King Dalek was the only Dalek in War of the Daleks to be depicted by a flat card, to be slotted into a slit in the game board, as opposed to a three-dimensional plastic figure.
  • Both on the aforementioned card and on artwork on the side of the board game's packaging, the King Dalek was depicted as a "red-top" Dalek, a Dalek variant often featured in merchandise and which, in one of its only narrative uses in the comic story The Planet of the Daleks, instead appeared to correspond to a fairly low rank in the Dalek hierarchy. In the out-of-universe illustrations of the rulebook, however, the King Dalek's skirt was coloured a deep blue. Additionally, the box artwork depicted the King Dalek with small, uniform luminosity dischargers, rather than the enlarged, bicolored ones of the actual action card.
  • War of the Daleks remains the only story to feature a King Dalek, as most other accounts depict the absolute leader of the Dalek Empire as being the Dalek Emperor or Dalek Prime, with the rank immediately below the Emperor's being that of Dalek Supreme.