The Kinda, pronounced "kin-duh", were the humanoid inhabitants of Deva Loka.

Society Edit

The Kinda were outwardly primitive as well as peaceful and enlightened. While not users of technology, they had an apparent understanding of DNA, glass work, and musical theory. They referred to outsiders as "the Not-We". A jester was designated to calm situations of potential conflict through mockery. Todd thought them to rarely gather in groups larger than three. Hindle took advantage of their simple nature by using a mirror to catch the reflection of two Kinda. The pair instantly believed that Hindle had trapped their souls and so they obeyed him. (TV: Kinda)

Biology Edit

Kinda males were mute, although they had the anatomical capability of speech; while most females were mute as well, speech was seen as a mark of a wise woman among their people. Kinda were gifted with telepathic abilities.

Attack the TSS

The Kinda attack a Total Survival Suit. (TV: Kinda)

Their method of reproduction may have differed significantly from that of humans, as Karuna said she had seven fathers. This may have been a cultural difference; "father" may be used in the sense of an extended family. (TV: Kinda)

History Edit

A Kinda prophecy told of a male Kinda who would speak. When such an individual was among them, they were to obey his orders. Aris gained the ability of speech when he was possessed by the Mara. He had the Kinda attack the dome of the human expeditionary force. They were forced into retreat by Adric's use of a Total Survival Suit. The Kinda aided the Fifth Doctor in creating a circle of mirrors to draw the Mara from Aris. They succeeded and the humans left Deva Loka. (TV: Kinda)

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