Kidnapped was a book written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The Second Doctor gave Eleanor Woods a copy. (PROSE: Visiting Hours)

Behind the scenes Edit

Patrick Troughton appeared as Alan Breck in a 1952 and 1956 BBC adaptation. Among the cast of the 1952 adaptation were John Fraser, Russell Hunter and John Boyd-Brent. The 1956 cast included Patrick Milner, Ian Thompson, James Cairncross, Peter Diamond, Colin Douglas, Kenneth Watson, James Copeland, Laidlaw Dalling and Joseph Greig. Another BBC adaptation in 1962 featured Ian Cullen, Leonard Maguire, Colette O'Neil, James Copeland, Peter Diamond, Alan Casley, Jon Croft, John Herrington, Margot Thomas, Doreen Ubells, Tom Watson and Eileen Way. The music for the 1962 adaptation was by Dudley Simpson.

Eileen Way appeared in a 1960 film version, while Peter Jeffrey and Andrew McCulloch in another film in 1971. A 1978 TV adaptation featured John Carson, Frank Windsor, Wolfe Morris, Leonard Maguire, Ewen Solon, Paul Grist, Godfrey James, James Copeland, Angus Lennie, Andrew Keir, William Wilde, Bruce Purchase, Chris Gannon, Robert James and Steve Emerson.

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