Khrisong was the leader of the warrior monks at Det-Sen Monastery. He helped the Second Doctor fight the Great Intelligence's robot Yeti in 1935.

When the Doctor and his companions first arrived at the monastery, Khrisong suspected their involvement in the deaths of Edward Travers' colleague, John Angus Mackay and four monks. Against the wishes of Sapan and Rinchen, he imprisoned the Doctor and then tied him up in front of the monastery gate to see if the Yeti would rescue him. He was forced to release the Doctor when Thonmi brought a message from the Abbot. He still mistrusted the Doctor and his friends but grew to trust the Doctor and worked with him to protect the monastery.

When Songsten ordered the monks to leave the monastery for their safety, Khrisong refused to leave his post. It was only after Rinchen was killed by a Yeti that he agreed to leave. Upon learning that the Intelligence was controlling the Yeti from the monastery, he went to rescue Songsten and Padmasambhava from the inner sanctum. Padmasambhava had a mentally controlled Songsten stab Khrisong to prevent him from telling the monks about what he had seen. He soon died from his wounds, but not before he told the Doctor that Songsten was not to blame for his death. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen)

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