The Khorlthochloi, also known as Korlevalulaw and by other names, were an ancient race who went extinct around a billion years BC. They were one of the first races to attack Earth, but died out shortly afterwards.

In 5720, after World War VI, human archaeologists discovered the ancient remains of a Khorlthochloi spaceship. (PROSE: Synthespians™)

The Khorlthorchloi were ebony giants with gleaming red eyes who guided the development of lesser species for thousands of years and were described as a quite powerful race. They had long life spans and eventually began to evolve beyond the physical plane, becoming creatures of pure thought. They elected to keep their bodies in case they had to return to them. These bodies were maintained by great machines on the Garden planet.

The Khorlthochloi were seen as gods by the Valethske but after seeing how aggressive the species were, they unleashed a deadly plague that reduced their number. This was why the Valethske embarked on the Great Mission to find and destroy the Khorlthochloi. At some point, they encountered a threat in the domain of pure thought and sought to return to their bodies, but the automated machines rejected them and they were destroyed. The great bodies remained and degraded in time, turning into cow-sized insects. (PROSE: Superior Beings)

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