Kho'dja ("Rememberer") was one of the last of the Lizard Kings.

Biography Edit

Kho'dja was put in suspended animation to wait a thousand years for the orbit of Mondas to correct itself. Entombed in the Dead Heart of the World, he was awakened by a lone Cyberman scout and Raven, a Mondasian. He told them of his people, describing the former god-kings as a race that became inbred and indolent. Turning to Raven he said that the apes had evolved and Mondas now was theirs. The Cyberman disagreed and struck him with a hard chop to the back of the neck. Raven held the fallen Lizard King as the Cyberman took command of the primitive Cybermen that had watched over Kho'dja, as well as all the cyberfication equipment present. (COMIC: The Dead Heart)

Behind the scenes Edit

The tubes running from Kho'dja's suit seem to mirror that of the Cybermen; however, nothing in the story indicates whether the Lizard Kings, like the Mondasians later on, had begun partial cyber-conversion on themselves.

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