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Kharrus was one of many who were consulted by King Corakinus to assist in mending his broken heart which was being shared by schoolgirl April MacLean after Corakinus' heart had been displaced in time and space.

She had sex with Corakinus, but he was distracted by April, and broke it off. Nevertheless, he requested a moment of cuddling.

Kharrus, like Rannus, the consultant who came before her, suggested that they could use the "anchor of a life blood" to keep the heart in Corakinus' body. This suggestion irritated Corakinus as his previous consultant had already tried and failed to use the anchor, but Kharrus commented that Rannus "was too cowardly to go the extra step", and explained that they could attach Corakinus' whole body to the anchor rather than just his heart. This meant that wherever the heart went Corakinus would go with it.

Intrigued, Corakinus came up with another plan — that he would use the anchor to enable him to follow the heart back to April where he would slaughter her and claim the heart for himself. However, Corakinus believed that the experiment had failed and prematurely executed Kharrus; the experiment was actually a success, and Corakinus was able to open a portal back to Earth.

Before this encounter with Corakinus, Kharrus was a warrior in his horde, and joined Corakinus on his attack on Earth. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

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