A Kharitite ran through London in 2014, some time before August. The Eleventh Doctor believed it had fallen through a dimensional rift. It became attracted to Alice Obiefune because she was so filled with grief over her mother's death and the terrible events that had befallen her life in the past month. After escaping the Doctor, the Kharitite made its way to the House of Commons at lunchtime, following the trail of negative emotions. It trashed the House of Commons before following Alice outside, where UNIT attempted to destroy it, but was stopped by Alice and the Doctor. The Kharitite's owner, a child of a squid-like species, emerged from the TARDIS and reclaimed the Kharitite. After taking away the squid's pain, it shrank in size and then went to the TARDIS swimming pool to play with its owner. (COMIC: After Life)
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