The Khamirae were a race of gene-spliced shapeshifters who were manufactured by the Cyrene for their war against the Xhosa.

When an accord was reached between the Cyrene and the Xhosa, it was seen as immoral to cull the Khamirae, so the Khamirae had their minds wiped and were placed on a terraformed backwater planet. A neuropathic generator at a castle pacified their bestial forms and kept them in their village in the valley, and the Thane watched over the Khamirae from the castle. The Khamirae were assumed to be sterile, but they had babies. The Thane cloned replacements of himself to continue keeping watch over the Khamirae, but the repeated cloning caused the Thane's pattern to degrade his physical form.

After fifty generations, the Thane took tissue samples from the Khamirae to bolster his DNA, but the infected biopsy device the Thane used on them gave them septicemia. The village's residents at this time included Cora, Gideon and Widow Margaret. The Tenth Doctor, incorrectly believing the Thane was preying on the Khamirae, destroyed the neuropathic generator, reawakening their beast forms. When the Khamirae villagers began attacking the Thane's castle, the Doctor fixed the generator, restoring them to normal. The Thane refused to clone himself any further and decided to spend the remainder of his life letting the Khamirae come to terms with their who they truly were. (COMIC: Universal Monsters)

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