Kepzyr was a moon of Zorbos. It was home to the Kepzrs.

In 2,000,009th century B.C., Frank Reade Jr's Electric Time Canoe appeared on Kepzyr. At that time the moon was an undeveloped jungle. A giant snake devoured the Electric Time Canoe.

The ancient Kepzyrs built temples on the moon in the 29th century.

By the 39th century, heavy deforestation was carried out on Kepzyr.

In the 49th century, Kepzyr was savage and underdeveloped. It was the location of the Unheard Treasure of Kep-ili-Koo.

In the 109th century the moon was supposed to be a thriving mid-level civilisation. The actions of Frank Reade Jr turned it into a wasteland by this time. There were no mountains or valleys, no oceans or continents. The only thing in the atmosphere was slight traces of nitroglycerin, dating back sixty centuries. (PROSE: Frank Reade, Jr.'s Electric Time Canoe)

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