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Kelsey Hooper was the first schoolmate that Maria Jackson met on Bannerman Road.


As a child in 2008, Kelsey approached the Jacksons and became Maria's first friend when she noticed the moving vans on Bannerman Road. Almost immediately, she suggested they go into town on the free Bubble Shock! bus; the bus made a mandatory stop at the Bubble Shock! factory, where she and Maria met the Archetype. During this visit, Kelsey went off the tour route to call her friend Suki on her mobile phone, the signals of which disturbed the Bane Mother. She was then briefly held prisoner by Mrs Wormwood and used for her knowledge of Sarah Jane Smith, when Mrs Wormwood read her mind with telepathy, and learned she was an insecure girl obsessed with Hollyoaks. Kelsey screamed both times after seeing the Bane Mother and Mrs Wormwood in Bane form. After being driven home by Davey, whom she fancied, she went back to Maria's house to tell where she had been. When Maria learned Davey was on the street, Maria took Kelsey to warn her, and Davey attacked in his Bane form, entering her house, only to be repelled and turned back into human form with a repellent spray. Kelsey was also terrified during this incident. Kelsey then discovered Sarah Jane's attic full of alien artefacts, Mr Smith and K9. After observing several items in Sarah's attic and being rather insulting towards her, Kelsey fell under the influence of Bane which she had consumed via Bubble Shock!, when the Bane Mother decided to take control of all humans who had drunk Bubble Shock!. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Once the Bane mind control had stopped, Maria later described Kelsey as "backtracking like mad — saying there's no such thing as aliens", but that she and Sarah Jane knew better. (TV: Invasion of the Bane) They were still friends when Maria met Uvlavad Kudlak. (PROSE: Warriors of Kudlak)

Notably, a woman whose first name was Kelsey (PROSE: Party Kill Accelerator!) and whose maiden name was Hooper (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil) joined Faction Paradox during the War in Heaven, taking on the name of Cousin Ceol. (PROSE: Now or Thereabouts, Weapons Grade Snake Oil, et al.)


Kelsey was outgoing and lively, but rather ill-mannered, brash, insensitive, unpleasant and sarcastic. She was insecure and was worried about her appearance and weight, and whether she would ever be kissed. Kelsey seemed to be influenced by peer pressure, as she told Maria that she would be unpopular at school if she did not have access to music channels. She also worried over her parent's fighting, and was addicted to Hollyoaks. Mrs Wormwood described her as being nothing but "noise and ignorance" after reading her mind. Kelsey appeared to enjoy a simple life, and had no time for aliens, and denied their existence despite witnessing them. Kelsey also appeared to enjoy the presence of good-looking men, as she found Davey (in human form) and Alan Jackson attractive. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Despite boasting that she never screamed, Kelsey screamed each time she witnessed the Bane in their monstrous form in terror. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Behind the scenes[]

  • After the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Invasion of the Bane, the decision was made for the character to not return; no explanation was given by the BBC. Kelsey's role in the series was filled by Clyde Langer.
  • Script editor Gary Russell joked[1] that Kelsey never appeared again because Luke and Maria agreed to lock her in one of 13 Bannerman Road's bedrooms. Following "the pact", the two never told Sarah Jane about their prisoner in the bricked-over room, even whenever she asked what had happened to Kelsey.[2]
  • The recurring Faction Paradox character Ceol was transparently intended to be an older version of Kelsey. However, there is no indisputable narrative evidence of their shared identity, nor much in the way of real world evidence that Obverse Books sought a license to continue the televised Kelsey's story from Russell T Davies or the BBC.

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