Kelly was an old friend of Simon. Upon his arrival back in Darlington she gave him the Objet D'Oom as part of Terrance's will. Upon meeting MIAOW and Iris Wildthyme she didn't trust them. When the Objet D'Oom was stolen by Anthony Marvelle she wanted to spend her time searching for it rather than lounging round the Moulin Rouge, like Simon, Iris and Panda were. Panda had to warn her about interfering with history.

She stayed behind when Iris returned to Darlington and looked after the shop. She became friendly with Magda whilst Simon was away on her adventures. Marvelle hypnotised her and kidnapped her because she was useful to her plans as she knew of the Ringpull as detailed in one of her poems. She was the key to open it because of her time spent with the Aja'ib. Marvelle to her to Valcea to find the route to Hyspero. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)

The Aja'ib told that her whole family was connected to Hyspero. According to some Hysperans she was the Ringpull. She was taken to Iris's base on Hyspero but was rescued. She felt like a reluctant time traveller. Euphemia told her to protect her as they were taken to the Scarlet Empress. The Empress told Marvelle to take her to the Ringpull so that she could open it. (PROSE: Wildthyme Beyond!)

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