You may be looking for the Keith Gold of another reality.

Sir Keith Gold was a British politician and the executive director of the Inferno Project.

Biography Edit

In 1965, Sir Keith was a member of a Parliamentary Committee which investigated Sir Toby Kinsella's involvement in the Wilcock Institute Incident earlier that year. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard)

Sir Keith was concerned about Professor Stahlman's obsession with completing the project quickly, and called in oil drilling expert Greg Sutton for advice on safety issues. He later went to the Ministry to recommend an inquiry into the project, but Stahlman had ordered his chauffeur Patterson to delay the return trip. Sir Keith figured out what Patterson was doing and had him get back on the route to the project, but the car crashed soon afterwards. He suffered only minor injuries and later returned to the project and shut it down. (TV: Inferno)

Sir Keith resigned his post with the Ministry of Science soon afterwards. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Liz Shaw's mother Dame Emily Shaw was acquainted with Sir Keith. (AUDIO: The Last Post)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Sir Keith's surname was Mulvaney in an early draft of the script. His surname was also temporarily changed to Rose. (INFO: Inferno)
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