Keillor was a mercenary.

Keillor travelled on the Nostalgia Tours bus en route to 1959 Disneyland. However, it hit a satellite and landed near Shangri-La in Wales instead.

He overheard the wanted Chimeron, Delta, identifying herself. He contacted Gavrok with a radio transmitter and reported Delta's location to him to gain the reward of a million units. Keillor discovered the Seventh Doctor and Ray spying on him and was about to shoot them when Gavrok, no longer needing him, killed him with a high impulse beam sent down the radio signal.

His radio transmitter detonated and he was ionised, with only his smoking blue suede shoes being left behind. (TV: Delta and the Bannermen)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Keillor is never referred to by name in the on-screen dialogue; his name is given only on the closing credits.
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