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Keepsake was a salvage merchant the Seventh Doctor once encountered on the planet Ryos. He travelled from planet to planet with his pet vulture, who he claimed reminded him of his wife.

Like the Time Lord, he had been attracted to the planet by a distress signal. However, his motivations were cynical, as he knew that distress signals usually led to wreckage that could be salvaged.

The presence of the Doctor, however, changed his viewpoint somewhat. Within a few minutes on the trail of the person in distress, Keepsake began to enjoy himself, in part because the rescue required precision flying. When they finally found the person who had sent the call, Keepsake was surprised to discover that the victim was a beautiful female medic.

The Doctor left her in Keepsake's care and charged him with the likely pleasant duty of taking her home. (COMIC: Keepsake)

On a separate adventure, Keepsake, his vulture, and the medic met up with the robotic mercenary Death's Head. (COMIC: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!)

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