Karter was a thief that infiltrated the Empress. His partner hacked into the systems, putting him on the staff database as a steward. When Iris Wildthyme brought the hungover Benny on board as a stowaway, she bribed Karter to take care of her and make sure she wasn't caught.

Karter and his "idiot partner" planned to blow up a floor of the Empress and leave with the dead delegates' valuables, but the explosion was improperly executed by the partner and the attack damaged the hull. Karter tried stealing from the dead Kolgarian delegates, but the jewels shattered, releasing the memories of Asnarbi and Musjarna into Benny and Grand Marshall Sstac. When the bridge's ceiling collapsed on General Azzar, Karter escaped to the shuttlebay, digging a path through the blocked wreckage. Benny and Ssabar found out Karter's responsibility for destroying the ship. They tried to bargain a way off the ship before it crashed into Ronos Minor, but Karter shot at them and escaped, albeit with a price on his head. (AUDIO: The Dance of the Dead)

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