Karra was a Cheetah Person who originally had a human or humanoid form.

Karra first appeared to Ace mounted on a horse in a playground in Ace's home town of Perivale in 1989. She transported Ace to the Cheetah World, where Ace watched her kill Stuart who had also been abducted from Perivale. Ace threw a rock at Karra's head, hurting her. (TV: Survival)

Karra Survival

Karra's humanoid form. (TV: Survival)

Karra's wounds soon healed, thanks to the power of the planet. Respecting Ace now, and intrigued by Captain Sorin's shiny cap insignia on Ace's jacket, (TV: Survival, The Curse of Fenric) Karra introduced herself and offered Ace a new life with the Cheetah People, a prospect which tempted her.

Karra returned to Perivale, scared off the Master's minions there and readied to attack him. He stabbed her with a large animal tooth. She reverted to her old form for a few moments before dying. A Cheetah Person appeared to bear her body away. (TV: Survival)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Karra is the last character to die in the "classic era" of Doctor Who. Her demise followed that of Midge, the last human death of the era.
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