The Karfelons were the humanoid inhabitants of the planet Karfel. They were led by a Borad, assisted by a Maylin, and had diplomatic relations with their inter-galactic neighbours, the Bandrils, who would buy grain from Karfel. While their relationship with the Bandrils were friendly, there were moments of tension between them.

Karfelon androids were distinguished by their blue skin; Karfelon circuitry was "like tinsel at Christmas" (PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5) but one specialised android was perfectly identical to a Karfelon, yet was puppeted by another android and had wires running from the back of its head. Karfelons also utilised Mustakozene-80 in science experiments and had laser weapons. The scientist Megelen developed time technology including a time acceleration beam and the Timelash and experimented with cloning. His experimenting on the Morlox creatures, which the Karfelons considered unintelligent, was reported by the Third Doctor and brought to a stop. Afterwards, stories of the Doctor were taught in schools and a mural was painted of him.

By the time of the presumably last Borad (Megelen), stories about the Doctor as well as mirrors and any reflective surfaces were banned. Only 500 Karfelons existed and a threat of war with the Bandrils loomed over them as the Borad attempted genocide, planning to repopulate Karfel with Morlox-Karfelon hybrids like himself. Anyone who rebelled against the Borad was exiled by being thrown into the Timelash. Again he was defeated, by the Sixth Doctor, and Karfel was freed, with normal relations with the Bandrils resuming. (TV: Timelash)

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