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Karabar Caves, as per the script

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The Karabar Caves were located in India, near Calcutta. They sat at the edge of a vast circular valley, 3 or 4 miles across, which was formed by a homogenite crystal crashing into earth, thousands of years BCE. The area was rich in precious gemstones due to the effects of the homogenite.

History Edit

A homogenite crystal, known as the Emerald Tiger crashed into India in the distant past, forming a valley and the Karabar cave system.

Around 8,000 BC, The human children, Dawon, Shardul Khan, and Ayyapan, played in the valley as children. In the centre of the valley was the Temple of the Emerald Tiger, which contained the Emerald Tiger. The children encountered the Emerald Tiger in the temple, which began to change them into large tigers, and made them immortal. The three children become rulers of the valley, with Shardul Khan as their leader.

Some of the earliest cave art on the Indian subcontinent were in the caves.

1908, Lord Edgar Forster and Lady Adela Forster, and their son Jonathan Forster, visited caves to collect specimens for the Imperial Zoological Society in London. There they discovered a way into the valley below, untouched for thousands of years. Trying to escape to escape Shardul Khan, Edgar was killed and Jonathan captured, while Adela escaped, closing the valley with dynamite.

Not long after, Dawon escapes the valley through a secret route through the caves.

The Fifth Doctor visited the caves on 31 December 1926, along with Tegan Jovanka, Nyssa, and Vislor Turlough. There, they helped to defeat Shardul Khan, with Adela Forster destroying the crystal with dynamite. (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

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