Kano Dollar was the wealthiest human in the 25th century.

He was an intergalactic energy and media magnate, owner of Dollar Intergalactic, which pioneered planetary engineering to given specifications. Dollar had a reputation of a cutthroat businessman and in all situations only cared about himself.

To create the perfect setting for his wedding to Princess Thanna of the Gothgolka Horde, he bought and terraformed the ice planet Isen VI into a jungle paradise. His goal in the marriage was pragmatic: to obtain military support of the horde and simultaneously advertise his the new terraforming technology among the powerful and rich he invited.

Dollar's wedding plans were ruined by an attack of Rann-Korr, a Hyperion who was hibernating on the planet. When the Twelfth Doctor called for evacuation because of the imminent destruction of the Terra-Sphere Control tower, Dollar was the first to leave in his private craft without taking any passengers, not even his bride.

Thanna revenged his betrayal by shooting his craft down. Although he managed to get out of the craft's debris, he found himself surrounded by skunkeys, which were bred on the planet to his specifications but turned out much more bloodthirsty due to Rann-Korr's interference. (COMIC: Terrorformer)

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