Kane, whose real name was Borg, was a humanoid from the planet Kaltarr (COMIC: The Warrior's Story) whom the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher met by chance on an un-named world. He hitched a ride with the Doctor to the Ankara System, where were gathered leaders of various political groups who were concerned about the threat posed by the Skeletoids. (COMIC: Kane's Story)

Prior to meeting the Doctor Edit

As "Borg", he had been a professor of phenomenology at Kaltarr Tech for ten years. He left because of politics and "interdepartmental backstabbing". When the Doctor met him, he had been out of his position for two years — years that he claimed were far more productive than the whole of his tenure at Kaltarr Tech.

He had the power of telekinesis.

At some point in his past, he had gained an advanced knowledge of Time Lords and Gallifrey. He was even able to help the Doctor effect repairs to the TARDIS. (COMIC: Kane's Story)

Appearance Edit

Kane's appearance looked unkempt when the Doctor met him. Indeed, by Kane's own admission he looked like a tramp or a hobo, complete with tattered clothes and a long, overgrown beard. After a visit to the TARDIS wardrobe room and bath, his beard was trimmed into a moustache that connected to his freshly-cropped hair through mutton chops, and he began to wear the clothes of a Victorian gentleman. (COMIC: Kane's Story)

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