Kane's Story was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was the first story to feature the Skeletoids, who would form the basis of the comics' plot up until Frobisher's Story. It would also be the first DWM story to feature a human companion seen on TV, as K9 Mark II first appeared in Timeslip.

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With the TARDIS awaiting repairs, the Sixth Doctor meets Kane, a man who tells him of the approaching menace that threatens much of the galaxy, including the Earth.

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  • Peri, an American in New York City, tells her boss to find a new "skivvy", a British term meaning low-ranking domestic servant.
  • This comic is the first of a four-part idiosyncratic series of titles, all following the template of "____'s Story", the blank getting filled with the name of the character focused on during each successive comic.
  • The title Kane's Story, when paired with Abel's Story, forms a reference to Cain and Abel, two siblings mentioned in the book of Genesis of the Bible.

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