The Kamille were the rulers of Mekalion. For a period of a thousand years the Kamille knew nothing but peace and prosperity. Eventually, however, their crops and livestock began to die and fertility rates among their people dropped. Facing extinction, the Kamille uploaded their consciousness to a massive computer known as the Locus and created the Kamelions as servants to experience physical interaction. As the intellect of the Kamille increased, so did their thirst for knowledge, desiring to explore beyond their own planet. Using the Kamelions, they built a vast fleet of interstellar craft and sent them to seek out world with intelligent life to add to the Kamille Empire.

They sent the Kamelions as "ambassadors" to these planets disguised themselves as the the native population and work to install themselves in positions of power. Upon doing so, they brought these planets under the control of the Kamelion Empire, with the native population being none the wiser. Under the rule of the Kamelion Empire, these planets entered a period of peace and harmony. In instances where they Kamelion ambassadors were unable take over the planet peacefully—often because natives were too violent and warlike—they would lead a Kamelion invasion force to either subjugate or exterminate the population before they could pose any further threat to the rest of the universe.

The Kamelion Empire extended across the entire galaxy, ruling for a thousand years without conflict, famine, or plague. With no more worlds to add to its dominion, the Empire stagnated with the Kamille growing indolent and decadent. With no more wars to fight the Kamille turned the Kamelions against each other in war games. Within the Locus, the minds of the Kamille formed into four factions based on their desire for the future of the Kamelion Empire: Authority, Liberty, Harmony, and Chaos. Those in each faction combined their minds and mental powers into a single entity. Each of these factions used the Kamelions to settle their conflict in the real world, leading to a war that, during the course of a single day, lead to the destruction of countless worlds, including Mekalion itself. All factions save for Chaos were annihilated during this conflict, but Kamelion Empire was now in ruins along with all of their achievements of the Kamille. In a final act of desperation, Authority took possession of the psycho-kinetic interface, the part of the Locus which controls the Kamelions. When Chaos destroyed authority, the interface was disconnected, deactivating all Kamelions on all worlds and leaving Chaos trapped in the Locus. To ensure its survival, Chaos put the Locus into a state of self-renewing hibernation. Ten-thousand years passed until there was sufficient geothermal energy to transmit a recall signal, which went unanswered until Kamelion picked up the signal from inside of the Doctor's TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Kamelion Empire)

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