Kalkrav was a planet.

By the time Bernice Summerfield visited Danpetro at an early point in her life, Kalkrav's nomadic culture had been studied by an archaeologist named Wilby. (PROSE: A Game of Soldiers)

In 2582, Adjudicator forces fought against the Kalkravian Revolution.

In 2592, three Kalkravian nuns were observed at a transmat station on a human colony planet while Chris Cwej and Nyssa were there. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

In the 2600s, Anderson's ship had seats with hand-stitched Kalkravian leather. (PROSE: The Big Hunt)

Following the Battle of Capra in the Deindum War, Irving Braxiatel imported Kalkravian Marble to Capra and had it carved into the Capra Marbles. (PROSE: Winging It)

In the 46th century, a tomb for Bernice Summerfield existed in the Kalkravian asteroid belt. (PROSE: Paydirt)

In the era of the Twelve Galaxies, Kalkravian firewine was served at Miranda Dawkins' imperial reception at the Needle. (COMIC: Miranda)