Kalichura in The Tides of Time

A Kalichura soldier. (COMIC: The Tides of Time)

The Kalichuras were a species native to the Althrace system. Led by Melanicus, a significantly larger Kalichura, they once waged war with the Lords of Althrace in their attempt to conquer the system. Melanicus was defeated and he retreated into another dimension. (COMIC: The Tides of Time)

A Kalichura once attended Bonjaxx's birthday party on Maruthea. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Behind the scenes Edit

What colour is a Kalichura? Edit

The Tides of Time was originally printed in black and white in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine but has been colourised three different times. Just like Meeps, this has lead to inconsistent colours for Kalichuras, namely Melanicus.

In Doctor Who (1984), Kalichuras were coloured bright green by Andy Yanchus. In Doctor Who Classic Comics, Kalichuras were coloured yellow by an uncredited colourist. In Doctor Who Classics, Kalichuras were coloured bronze by Charlie Kirchoff.

Addtionally, a Kalichura seen in Party Animals was coloured a pale orange in TIDH 12.

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