A Kaled leader found the Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan in his sector after a Thal gas attack and took them to General Ravon. He was told by Ravon after telling his superior ammunition supplies were low to conserve his supply.

He was later captured by the Thals and made to work on their rocket. Their, he met Sarah Jane Smith and Sevrin. Sarah proposed a plan of escape: to escape into the rocket silo and climb the gantry to the top of the dome and escape down the edge. They knocked out the guard and escaped into the silo and started to climb the gantry. However, the guard recovered and sounded the alarm. Thal soldiers entered the silo, and several of the slaves were shot and killed. When Sarah ran into difficulties while climbing, he helped her, but not before being shot by a Thal soldier on the ground. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

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