On Asteroid Theta 12, the Dalek Scientists were creating experimental humanoid Daleks during the Last Great Time War. This project was unknown to all, even the Dalek High Command. The War Doctor, Cardinal Ollistra, Co-ordinator Jarad and Captain Solex arrived on the asteroid to investigate what the Daleks were up to. Co-ordinator Jarad was unfortunately killed by a space worm before he could go any further. In the Dalek base, they discovered the Dalek mutations. One was a hybrid of a Dalek and an extinct Kaled. He begged the Doctor to kill him, but in fear of being a bigger monster than the Daleks and what their experiments would become, he hesitated.

Before they could leave, the Daleks halted them and demanded to know what they saw and threatened to kill them individually. The Doctor stubbornly refused to talk, so the Daleks tried to kill him. Solex sacrificed himself to save the Doctor. Moments later, the Dalek Fleet reported that Dalek High Command was now aware of the project and ordered it to be destroyed as it was detrimental and an insult to their purity. The Scientists resisted compliance. So the High Command claimed they were no longer pure Daleks and began the attack. The rebel Daleks rushed to attack the fleet while the Scientists went to protect the experiments. Kaled-006 refused to evacuate and laughed as he and the Daleks sent to move him were destroyed within the lab.

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